The land of Havelis. The land of Frescoes. The land of Martyrs. The land of organic revolution in India. These are a few of Shekhawati's many sobriquets. Joining the hallowed ranks of that list is yet another sobriquet-THE LAND OF THE SHEKHAWATI FESTIVAL.

      For the last 15 years, Shekhawati has played host to one of India's unique cultural festivals. The Shekhawati Festival involves not only every villager of this large province but also people from all parts of India and the world.

      While the main activity is centred around the huge Surya Mandal Stadium in Navalgarh, Shekhawati Festival is truly a celebration of the various aspects and locales of Shekhawati.

      The locals get a chance to exhibit their prodigious skills. Famed artists and craftsmen from every corner of Rajasthan use this festival as an opportunity to display their talent to the world.

      There are organised tours to the famed portals of famous Havelis, forts and temples of the region. For those seeking in-depth knowledge of arts and crafts of the region there are seminars and workshops.
        The Morarka Foundation who has been instrumental in the conception, design and organisation and patronisation of the Shekhawati Festival ensures that this is also a platform to reward the inhabitants of the region for their achievements of the year.

      The foundation also instils a spirit of pride by organising competitions and contests at all levels. Students who excelled in their academics are rewarded while servicemen are rewarded for their valour and patriotism.
        The Organic Festival
      One of the unique aspects of this festival is the emphasis laid by the Morarka Foundation on the organic way of life. This must the only festival in the world where every participant and spectator including scores of villages from near and far are served organic food for all the 4 days of the festival.

      The food court with more than 50 food stalls serve only organic delicacies for the entire duration of the festival. Visitors get a chance to savour a entire range of Indian cuisine with the knowledge that the fare is completely organic.

      Tourists also get a chance to be amidst pristine pastoral environs and enjoy organic farm food at eco-tourism organic lunches. Here tourists from all parts of the world get a first hand experience of the entire process of growing and cultivating organic food even as they get a taste of the end product on their plates.

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