Organic Food Bazar

      The movement of undertaking organic farming without the use of chemical fertilizers and chemicals is catching up in world over. It is also being benefited by people's changing perspective towards nature conservation. This has resulted into the increased awareness of organic food amongst people.

      Today the agricultural community has started understanding about the benefits of organic agriculture in increasing their savings, crop yield and health of the family. This has resulted in many farmers diversifying towards organic farming. This not only increases the yield of the crop but also increases the quality of the product. Not only this but the organic farmer's produce also gets a better price in the market. This makes a organic farmer financially strong. The efforts of Morarka Foundation in providing direct market linkages to the organic farmers has been very successful.

      Rajasthan's Shekhawati region which is fastly emerging on the World tourism map is also known for it's rich culture and variety of cuisines. From last 8 years Morarka Foundation has been engaged in organizing organic food bazaar and providing tasty organic food to the guests visiting Shekhawati festival. As a result organic food bazaar is gaining popularity year after year.

      This is only because of organic food bazaar during Shekhawati festival the farmers getting interested and have increased faith towards organic farming. They also get a chance of commercializing their traditional food to the visitors.

      The value addition in agribusiness has also resulted in creating the employment opportunity for the rural youths. This has also resulted in offering organic food to all the classes of society. Organic food has plenty of advantages when compared to the non-organic food that have been processed with artificial preservatives and chemicals. Organic farmers have a strong commitment to their land. We maintain that organic foods are higher in vitamins and minerals than conventionally produced foods, because the soil has a greater variety of living organisms and trace minerals.

      With the cooperation of organic food nearly 40-50 thousand farmers of Shekhawati region have opted for organic farming. Out of these nearly five thousand organic farmers are real pioneers and leaders in organic farming. Nearly one thousand farmers are directly or indirectly involved with the organic food bazaar. Thus they get a chance to directly interact with the consumers.

      With the increasing popularity of organic food bazaar this year we have introduced variety of cuisines from other parts of India, which includes Pav Bhaji, Italian Food, Punjabi Food, South Indian Food, Chinese Food and so on...